Quiz – How Well Do You Know the Prophet Joseph Smith?

How well do you know Joseph Smith Jr?

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5 thoughts on “Quiz – How Well Do You Know the Prophet Joseph Smith?”

  1. You should do more tests like this on church history BoM D and C Bible pearl of great price etc

  2. I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God and that he was chosen to come to this earth in these latter days to restore the true gospel of Jesus Christ again. Amen.

  3. He was a wonderful Prophet and he ensued so many things in his life . He is a true Prophet and he endured so many things

  4. Active member, Carl Ward, Las Vegas Nevada Meadows Stake, Las Vegas, NV. Attended a fireside, April 30th, that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland presided/spoke at. He mentioned most of these events in his talk.

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