Top 10 Myths about Mormons

If you’re friends with any Mormons or are one yourself, you’ve probably noticed that latter-day saints can be pretty misunderstood. Here are a few of the most common (and some of the funniest) myths out there about Mormons.



1.    Mormons worship Joseph Smith
It probably confuses people to hear Mormons talk a lot about Joseph Smith and even sing songs like “Praise to the Man” about him. Joseph Smith is a beloved figure in the LDS church, but the “praise” church members offer him is simply admiration of a good man and love for one of God’s prophets. The only beings worshipped by latter-day saints are God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.

2.    Mormons hate non-Mormons
Members of the LDS church learn from Jesus and our modern prophets and apostles that we should “love [our] neighbor,” and we believe every person is a neighbor! You’ll probably find that most Mormons are pretty nice to you no matter which church you attend.

3.    Mormons can’t dance
Don’t assume that you can’t ask a Mormon to Prom, because Mormons have no rules against dancing. In fact, the LDS church even hosts dances for teenagers sometimes. You’ll have to decide for yourself how cool your Mormon friend’s moves are, but at least Mormons don’t need drugs or alcohol to have a good time!

4.    Mormon men have lots of wives
The prophets in the LDS church teach that marriage between one man and one woman is ordained of God and that a home with a married mother and father is the best place for a child to live in. Some members of the LDS church practiced polygamy in the 1800s, but no members do so anymore.

5.    Mormons can’t drink caffeine
Members of the LDS church live a sort of health code that we call the Word of Wisdom. This code asks members to not drink alcohol, tea, or coffee, but caffeine is not on that list. Some Mormons choose not to drink any caffeinated drinks, but many others enjoy a good Coke or Dr. Pepper!

6.    Mormons don’t believe in the Bible
Many people assume that The Book of Mormon is the only book of scripture used in the LDS church. This is far from true. The Bible is loved and used in latter-day saint homes and meetings. Mormons also have additional books of scripture called The Doctrine and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price.

7.    Mormons don’t use technology
Sometimes Mormons get confused with other religious groups. The Amish people choose not to use electricity and some other modern conveniences, but that is not the case for members of the LDS church. Mormons love to use technology for many things, including family history work, missionary work, and broadcasting church conferences.

8.    Mormons have magic underwear
Most adult latter-day saints wear underclothes called garments. These are very special to Mormons because they are a reminder of sacred promises made inside the Mormon temples. While members of the LDS church believe that they will be blessed for wearing these garments, the garments have no magical powers.

9.    Mormons have to go to BYU
Many people have heard of the Brigham Young University schools, all of which are owned by the LDS church. While most students at these campuses (which are located in Utah, Idaho, and Hawaii) are Mormon, you don’t have to be Mormon to go to those schools, and Mormons can go to any college they choose.

10.    Mormons can’t watch TV
Members of the LDS church are taught not to watch R-rated movies or any other entertainment that they feel is inappropriate. But Mormons can certainly watch TV and movies. In fact, Mormons even make their own movies! For example, Living Scriptures has dozens of movies about historical heroes, scripture characters, and modern prophets. You can even sign up to stream over 100 LDS family movies by clicking this link!


Did any of these myths surprise you or make you laugh? Share this post with a friend who may want to learn more about Mormons! And comment below if you can think of a myth we forgot to mention.

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  1. Where is the one about Mormons having horns?
    These answers need to be aired so more people will know these are ridiculous myths.

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