Remembering George Washington

On this, Independence Day for the United States of America, we celebrate a people and country brave enough to stand up for what they felt was right. One of the great heroes of the American Revolution was, of course, George Washington. On this July 4th, let us take time to remember one of the fathers of the country and the reasons he will forever be revered.

George Washington is not famous simply because he was first General and then President. He was a leader because he was a good man. His humility, courage, and love for his people are what truly set him apart as a Patriot.

When the Revolutionary War began, George Washington was appointed to be General. He was offered a salary for this position but refused to accept it. He did accept help from others in the fight, including France. He was wise enough to know that America needed allies in the cause of freedom and that he and his army couldn’t win the war alone.

Washington had to make some frighteningly bold moves during his time as General. On Christmas Day, he took his army across the Delaware River to fight the Hessians employed by the British army, despite the winter weather and icy river. He knew his men needed a victory in order to encourage them to keep fighting. He also led fights that other generals backed down from; he felt that courage was more important than experience in the war.

The American army went through some hellish times. Thousands died from cold, sickness, and starvation at Valley Forge. Washington did all he could to get his men needed supplies and food, despite a lack of cooperation from the government. One of the most famous images of George Washington depicts him kneeling in prayer at Valley Forge, showing his devotion to God and love and concern for his soldiers and country.

With the amazing man Washington was, it’s no wonder he was chosen as the first President of the United States. Rejecting the request of some that he be a king, Washington led the United States with honor.

America will always face opposition, whether from outside or inside its borders. We need more heroes like George Washington. May each of us strive to be the kind of man and leader he was.

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