Celebrating Summer: Mormon Style!

“Oh, what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green?” Well, that depends. June, July, and August are loved by pretty much everyone, but they’re loved a little differently by many members of the LDS Church. Here are five of the top Mormon summer traditions—do any of them sound familiar?

Others do grad trips; Mormons do EFY/AFY

Many teenagers take trips to big cities or exotic locations with their friends after high school graduation. Lots of LDS teens prefer going with their buddies to Especially For Youth or Adventures For Youth camps. Who says river rafting and firesides aren’t cooler than Vegas?

Others do weddings; Mormons seriously do weddings

When school lets out, LDS chapels and temples get booked! Few Mormons are able to escape a summer without spending hours on tissue-paper decorations, baking hundreds of cookies, setting up tables and chairs in a cultural hall, or all of the above on behalf of a friend or family member about to tie the knot.

Others do hotels; Mormons do campouts

Family vacations and company outings may involve Hiltons for the general populace, but Mormons don’t get off that easy. Girls’ camp, high-adventure outings, and even ward campouts give youth and adults alike the chance to brush up on their fire-starting, tinfoil-dinner making, tent-constructing skills every year. Get ready to hunt for some snipes!

Others do Bud Light; Mormons do homemade root beer

Sure, the Word of Wisdom is one reason to pass on the alcohol. But brewing your own ginger beer or root beer with dry ice and a family recipe is way more fun than picking up a six-pack. Mormons know how to make sweet drinks and often make a contest out of it!

Others do movie marathons; Mormons do missionary movie marathons

The popcorn, blanket forts, and makeshift bedsheet screens in the back yard could happen anywhere. But only Mormons would pass up a night of horror films to watch “God’s Army” and “The RM” instead. You can watch as many movies from Living Scriptures as you want with our online streaming deal! Sign up here!

Do any of these activities bring back memories? Tell us in the comments about what your Mormon family members or friends do in the summertime!

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