15 Things Only a Mormon Could Love

It’s a well-known fact: Mormons are just different. Sometimes our taste in food, activities, and pretty much everything else raises some eyebrows. Here are 15 things that few people outside of the Mormon faith are fans of.

1. Jell-O with Vegetables. Carrots don’t belong in gelatin no matter what color the stuff is. But that doesn’t stop some Mormons.

2. Three hours of church. Sacrament Meeting, Sunday School, and a third hour of Gospel learning every single Sunday . . . unless you’re in a leadership position and have extra meetings. Luckily Mormons have lots of great things to learn about!

3. Stake Dances. Chaperoned by gaggles of parents, non-spiked punch, and a quad’s worth of space between partners in the slow dances? Count the Mormon kids in!

4. Funeral potatoes. The world may never know how hash browns, sour cream, and cornflakes ended up in the same casserole pan, but Mormons love that combination enough to bring it to more events than just funerals.

5. Full-time missions. Eighteen to twenty-four months of knocking doors and missing family? If it means bringing hope to the world, then count thousands of Mormon young adults and senior couples in!

6. Ward choirs. Every Mormon choir has some warblers, know-it-alls, and people who couldn’t carry a tune in a crock pot, bless their hearts. But choirs can still bring the Spirit into church meetings!

7. Tithing. 10% of one’s income may sound like a lot. Remembering that keeping the law of tithing helps do things like build temples and feed the hungry certainly helps Mormons feel good about paying that 10%.

8. Pioneer Treks. Hiking in the middle of summer with skirts, slacks, and loaded handcarts is just about as painful as it sounds, but Mormon teenagers and their leaders do it anyway.

9. Fast Sundays. Why do Mormons think it’s worth it to go hungry enough that a piece of bread the size of a postage stamp looks appetizing? Two words: Testimony Meeting.

10. Silk-flower centerpieces. Anyone who’s been to a Relief Society room in a Mormon church building has seen the abominations that adorn the table, lace tablecloth and all. Why?!

11. Church ball. Only in a Mormon multipurpose building can a ball game start with a prayer and end in a shouting match. Apparently basketball is serious business.

12. Early-morning seminary. While most teenagers are still hitting the snooze button, Mormon youth are trying not to snooze through church classes held before school. It’s a good thing the scriptures are worth it!

13. 15-passenger vans. Is it a school bus? Is it the plumber? No—it’s just a Mormon family on their way to piano practice. Good luck keeping track of how many kids pile out of the van.

14. Primary songs. No other religion has its children sing songs about popcorn on apricot trees. And yet the Primary Program Sunday is a favorite of Mormons every year. Those kids are just too cute!

15. Virgin drinks. Mocktails, decaffeinated Coke, and hot chocolate—Mormons tend to do beverages a little differently. But don’t even try to beat the punch at Mormon weddings!

Did any of these give you a laugh? Tell us in the comments what other things you love that may be a little weird!

One thought on “15 Things Only a Mormon Could Love”

  1. Cute, but I still say that #1 is something I’ve only seen outside of the Church. I joined the Church at age 16—the only member of my family to do so—but Jell-O with carrots was a common dish growing up in the shadow of New York City, especially during holiday gatherings with extended family.

    Since joining the Church, I’ve never seen it again.

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