A School Day in the Life of . . . Book of Mormon Heroes?

Students all over the world are returning to their classes and teachers as they do every year. But have you ever wondered what characters from the Book of Mormon would have been like if they had gone to a modern-day school? Have a good laugh while you find out!

Math Class
Sam: That problem looks hard.
Lemuel: This isn’t fair! We never had to do math at home.
Nephi: Yes, it does look hard. But the teacher wouldn’t give us a problem that we couldn’t solve. Let’s give it a try!
Laman: Shut up, teacher’s pet. Nobody likes you.

Art Class
Teacher: That painting looks beautiful, Moroni.
Moroni: Call me Cap.
Teacher: Uh, okay—Cap. But next time, why don’t you use a piece of paper instead of your coat?
Moroni: Well, the coat was torn, anyway.

French Class
Teacher: Will someone read the sentence on the board?
Student: Parlez-vous Français?
Jared: *wimpers*
Teacher: What’s wrong, Jared?
Jared: I don’t understand Spanish. It’s scary.
Brother of Jared: I think that was French, Bro.
Jared: Whatever. Why do we even need so many languages?
Brother of Jared: You’re right. Teacher, can we opt out of this class?

Lamoni: Let’s play dodgeball. I’ll be one team captain, and—
Ammon: Can I be on your team?
Lamoni: Who are you?
Ammon: I promise I’m really good! Watch! (Nails ten kids with the dodgeball in five seconds flat.)
Lamoni: Did you just hit everybody?
Samuel: Everybody except me!

Did this imaginary school day make you laugh? Comment below on what you think your favorite Book of Mormon hero would do in a modern school!

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