The 5 Funniest Moments from The Book of Mormon

One great truth about life is that it can be pretty hilarious. Since the Book of Mormon is a history of real people’s lives, it only makes sense that a few silly moments pop up inside its covers. Here are five of our favorite funnies from the Book of Mormon!


1. Nephi bragging about how swole he is

In 1 Nephi 2, Nephi interrupts his story about gaining a testimony of his father’s teachings long enough to point out that he was “large in stature”. And just in case we’ve forgotten, he reminds us of the fact two chapters later when he talks about tackling Zoram. Okay, Nephi, we get it—you’re huge.


2. The one time Laman and Lemuel don’t complain

When Lehi takes his family into the wilderness? Laman and Lemuel murmur. When Lehi tells them to go back and get the plates of brass? They murmur. When that takes them a couple of tries? They murmur. But when Lehi asks them to bring Ishmael’s family into the wilderness? *Crickets chirping.* Apparently Laman and Lemuel realized that getting married was nothing to complain about.

3. Basically everything involving Ammon and Lamoni

The story of King Lamoni’s conversion is filled with laughs. Like when the king is shocked that Ammon can guess his thoughts (it wasn’t hard, Lamoni) but decides to talk out loud anyway. And when the king, queen, and Ammon pass out one by one. And when the Lamanites are convinced that Ammon is a monster. Just—all of it.

4. Helaman taking the Lamanites for a trip

The war chapters include stories of some pretty satisfying victories, but the one in Alma 58 is a favorite. After using his own men to lure the Lamanites out of the city Manti, Helaman sends other Nephite soldiers to take the city and eventually beats the Lamanites back there with his army. The Lamanite’s faces at coming home to a city full of Nephites must have been priceless.

5. The Brother of Jared Hiding from a Finger

When the Brother of Jared asks the Lord to touch 16 stones for the Jaredite ships, the Lord complies. Then the Brother of Jared falls over in fear. When the Lord asks what the deal is, the Brother of Jared says, “I saw the finger of the Lord, and I feared lest he should smite me”. Silly, but a fair concern for someone who’d recently been chewed out for three hours.

Did you get a laugh out of these silly scripture moments? Comment below if you can think of another funny story from the Book of Mormon!

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