2 thoughts on “QUIZ: How Much Do You Remember About President Monson?”

  1. I know Thomas S. Monson was a true Prophet of God! I love that he visited the 84 widows and took them roasting chickens and sometimes gave then money at Christmas! I loved that he gave the shirt off of his back so that those less fortunate would not be without, I remember the story him coming home from a trip overseas and he gave his suit away and his shoes. I love the quote: ‘the sweetest experience in mortality is to feel his promptings and acting upon it, knowing you were an answer to someone’s prayers.” ” Selfless service characterized his entire life by believing in him, by learning of him, by following him. There is the capacity to become like him.” The countenance can change, the heart softened the step can be quickened the outlook inhanced. Life becomes what it should become.” I love that he reached out and rescued the one! I love you President Monson! Till We Meet Again!

  2. I had the privilege of meeting President Monson at a Priesthood Leadership Meeting in 1996 in Phoenix Arizona. As he was leaving the meeting, he (as he always did) stopped along the way to shake hands with those waiting to greet him. As he came to me, I told him my last name was Monson and he asked if it was with and “en” or “on”. I told him it was with the “on” and he said “That’s the right way!”. I also told him I had the same first name as Gene R. Cook who was walking right behind him. He laughed and said that was a good combination. My wife and I have always love Pres. Monson and his amazing ability to memorize his talks so he could speak with great emotion. My wife also had the privilege of singing in a Stake Conference choir that Pres. Monson presided over. She wanted to shake his hand, but was advised that would not be possible. During the singing, Pres. Monson turned around and looked directly in her eyes and answered her prayer. We love and will miss his great spirit until we meet again!

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